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Alkimia is a labor of love by a father and daughter. Several years ago, Roberto and Daniela discovered a common passion that bonded them: chocolate. We began collecting chocolate from every place we traveled, exploring its many flavors, shapes and aromas. After eating chocolate together from all over the world, we discovered that chocolate’s core was the cacao bean, which had unique flavors and nuances that were often diminished by sugary additives, coloring, and harsh production methods. We realized that if we could focus on the unique and complex qualities of the cacao bean we could highlight its natural flavors and create a completely pure and unique chocolate using only two ingredients: cacao and artisanal sugar, thus Alkimia was born.

We focused on the cacao bean in our native Peru, although already used to produce chocolate, we recognized that all of its unique flavors and nuances were yet to be discovered. We began learning every step necessary to produce chocolate, from the selection of the cacao beans to the final packaging. We met with local cacao farmers and were fascinated by their dedication to cultivating and nourishing the purest cacao bean and knew we had to share what we learned with others and change the way people think about chocolate.

Our journey has been transformative and we hope that Alkimia will continue to transform and inspire every person that it reaches.