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When we started Alkimia we knew we wanted to build our business anchored in four values: transparency, quality, passion and sustainability. These values are at the core of everything we do.



We are Alchemists

Call us crazy, but we believe in changing the way people think about chocolate. That starts with being transparent. We use only two ingredients: organic cacao and artisanal sugar, NO added cocoa butter, lecithin, or vanilla. We let you know where our ingredients have been sourced from and the result is an exceptional chocolate that highlights the individual flavors and nuances of each bean. This also means we dare to try new things.


We stand for quality

Chocolate is our craft. Our chocolates are 100% made in Perú, which makes us one of the only chocolate makers who are located in the same place as the origin of their cacao. We only work with the finest ingredients and use small batch methods to ensure the best quality. We strive for the best and work towards it every day.


We give a Damn

We source responsibly, and pay close attention to every detail of the process from the tree to the bar. We show our farmers that their work matters, that we notice their attention to detail and that we support them in every step. We give 101% in everything we do: whether it’s making the best chocolate bar, sweeping the floors or roasting cacao beans.


We believe everything is connected

In every decision we make we have sustainability in mind. Sustainability of our relationships, the earth, the economy, our team and our clients, since we know everything is connected. Our direct trade relationship with local cacao farmers enables us to pay a premium price for their cacao. By doing this we make sure they keep improving their plantations, stay in business and provide us with the best quality of cacao. We care about the environment, our packaging is 90% made out of recycled materials and our roaster was designed in-house to produce much lower emissions than regular roasters.